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Whether selling an aircraft, buying an aircraft or evaluating the numerous non-ownership based business aviation travel options, having objective, comprehensive market awareness and a focused strategy are critical elements to realizing full value in your business aviation transaction. MCB Aviation, LLC provides an umbrella of customized, client focused business aviation services in the areas of aircraft acquisition, aircraft brokerage and consulting to assist clients in maximizing value and minimizing risk in their respective business aviation transaction.

MCB Aviation, LLC, is an independent business aviation services organization and is not affiliated with any aircraft manufacturer, air charter/jet card/fractional or aircraft maintenance service providers.  We are dedicated to exclusively representing client interests and to delivering targeted results that effectively support client requirements.   

Aircraft Brokerage Services Summary
Selling an aircraft can be complicated and time consuming.  Market awareness and client communication are critical elements to achieve superior results in a timely manner.  MCB Aviation, LLC will effectively manage the process while keeping you informed with pertinent market data and deal flow updates. 

  • Exclusively represent your aircraft worldwide.
  • Conduct detailed market/transactional analysis for your aircraft category.
  • Establish an appropriate aircraft price based on relevant market activity.
  • Advertise and promote the aircraft worldwide for maximum exposure.
  • Effectively manage the transaction to a successful close.

Aircraft Acquisition Services Summary
Transactions typically involve many variables and competing interests.  Overlooked details and misinformation can cost thousands of dollars and result in valuable lost time and/or opportunity.  MCB Aviation, LLC will defend your interests, simplify the process and help you acquire an aircraft at an optimal price point that will support your requirements.

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your requirements.
  • Recommend suitable aircraft make/model based on your requirements.
  • Conduct a worldwide market survey of available aircraft.
  • Provide recommendation on appropriate acquisition price based on relevant market data.
  • Effectively manage the transaction to a successful close.

Consulting Services Summary
Know the details before making the investment.The unbounded convenience and valuable time savings leveraged through business aviation travel options can provide a competitive advantage for business and enhance leisure travel.  Several diverse options are available including:

  • Whole Aircraft Ownership
  • Fractional Aircraft Ownership
  • Aircraft Leasing
  • Jet Cards/Block Hour
  • Traditional Air Charter   

Identifying and sifting through pertinent data points, making an effective selection and completing the transaction involves many critical variables.  Thorough analyses of travel objectives with an in-depth due diligence evaluation of potential business aviation travel options are key to establishing the foundation for achieving a positive business aviation experience.   MCB Aviation, LLC uses a systematic process that will help you select a product and service provider that will maximize value, safely support your needs, and enhance your business aviation experience.

  • Conduct thorough analysis of your requirements.
  • Recommend suitable products or services based on your requirements.
  • Prepare a customized strategy to acquire the product or service.
  • Provide due diligence analysis of the product and service provider.
  • Effectively manage the transaction to a successful close. 

Contact MCBAviation,LLC to learn more about our services and to receive a customized proposal. 

MCB Aviation is a Member of  the National Business Aviation AssociationNo Plane No Gain Organization

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